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DB theBreath: catches pollution and purifies the air.

theBreath® is a simple and revolutionary system, a fabric capable of adsorbing and breaking down polluting molecules in the air.

It is a technology that uses air’s natural movement to purify it.

It does not use electrical power sources or fossil fuels.

DB theBreath panels are printed with water-based, solvent-free inks, which allow odourless printing, ideal for indoor environments.

How does it work?

The air passes through the mesh of the fabric, where the heart of the technology, a core activated by nanomolecules, captures and breaks down pollutants. The air thus continues its natural movement, returning to circulation cleaner and more breathable.

theBreath®‘s structure consists of three different levels, three layers that work in synergy:

Adsorbent action

It attracts polluting molecules inside its fibrous structure, preventing them from being released.

Bactericidal action

It systematically reduces the bacterial load in contact with the fibre.

Anti-odour action

The system is not limited to covering up or mitigating odours, but absorbs them.


DB theBreath is extremely effective for use in closed environments, such as offices, homes, schools, hospitals and means of transport.

It reduces pollutants generated by heating systems, chemicals and multifunction printers.



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